Falcanna is 100% naturally-grown and pesticide-free cannabis flower. Grown with loving care by our Falcanna Team using only the highest quality OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified nutrients. At Falcanna, we water with pure water for the last 10 days of flower just to ensure that you are getting the true terpenes of each strain in their purest form. Our flower is cured for 3 weeks, hand trimmed, weighed to order, and sealed in our biodegradable bags. By not cutting corners we provide the best smoking experience to the cannabis connoisseur.

Hydrocarbon Concentrate

Falcanna’s concentrate is processed in-house in our state-of-the-art extraction facility. By starting off with fresh frozen small bud, our end product invariably comes out a bright neon yellow or orange, depending on the strain. Large THC crystals and high terpene percentages give our concentrate a sticky sugar wax consistency. Our concentrate tests at 70 ppm or less of bho/pho as compared to the legal limit of 5,000 ppm. For comparison, the average butane lighter used to smoke cannabis is 200 ppm per inhale. Our clean concentrate will please even the most refined dabber.

Flower Prerolls

Falcanna’s extremely popular pre-rolls are hand packed using 100% perfectly cured flower. Each joint is handled with care to ensure an even burn and smooth inhale. The joints are packaged as 2 x 0.6g in a tube and sealed in our biodegradable bags. Each unit contains a strain specific bookmark-style artwork insert.

Sugar Trim

At Falcanna we hand-trim our flower which protects the trichomes, not only on the flower itself but also on the trim. Leaving the trichomes intact gives it a beautiful, frosted coating just like sugar on a sugar cookie! Hence the name – Sugar Trim! Many medical patients like to make their own edibles and by providing sugar trim, Falcanna can ensure that medical patients can still get pesticide-free, naturally-grown cannabis for their favorite home-made edibles at a reasonable price.