“One of the gorgeous flock of artisan strains grown by Falcanna”

“The limonene terpene is very strong in this cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Dutch Haze.”

 “As a medical marijuana provider, Bethany felt like she was really helping people deal with their pain, and a large number of their customers were living with cancer. A sufferer of migraines herself, Bethany found that cannabis was more effective and less debilitating than prescription painkillers.”

“Through eight years of medical experience, Falcanna has experimented with and grown hundreds of cannabis phenotypes to create their final starting lineup: Orange Blossom, Timber Kush, Dutch Haze, Kush Morale, Diesel Thai, Alien Girl Scout Cookies, Pacific Blue, and Tahoe OG Kush. Genetic potential, environmental factors, and a meticulous curing process, they learned, led to their potent and beautiful cannabis plants.”

Despite being only 28, Bethany Rondeau is a hardened CEO who has no problem sticking to her price point and telling retailer buyers “no” when they try to get her to lower her price. It’s a skill she learned in her other business, raising and selling falcons to sheiks in the Middle East, and she literally laughs at the idea that any pot buyer in Washington state is difficult to deal with.