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The first thing I notice when I walk into Bethany and Justin Rondeau’s house outside Port Angeles is a falcon wearing a hat in the living room.

Perched atop a stand that looks not unlike a cat tower is Sky, a 12-year-old saker falcon with brown and white feathers. He usually lives in his own coop outside, but on the morning of my visit, he is inside the house…

Where do you go when tasked with a weed falcon photoshoot? The Olympic Peninsula.

Bethany of Falcanna reached out regarding lifestyle images. She’d seen my work and wanted to create something similar for her grow. Before I could brainstorm concepts, I needed a little backstory.

Bethany Rondeau jogs towards the skirmish and ends the duck’s life quickly, much more quickly than if the raptor were left alone with it. She’s more concerned with the duck’s feelings than the raptor ever would be. It’s just expressing the prehistoric DNA coursing through its veins. Bethany wants to make the death as painless as possible.

Despite being only 28, Bethany Rondeau is a hardened CEO who has no problem sticking to her price point and telling retailer buyers “no” when they try to get her to lower her price. It’s a skill she learned in her other business, raising and selling falcons to sheiks in the Middle East, and she literally laughs at the idea that any pot buyer in Washington state is difficult to deal with.