The Weed Growers Who Also Breed Falcons

“Bethany and Justin Rondeau are in two very different but oddly parallel businesses: falconry and cannabis. At this point, their boutique cannabis business, which they aptly named Falcanna, brings in more revenue than the birds do, but that could change. The couple has begun selling their birds to traders in the Persian Gulf, where falcon racing is a sport engaged in by some of the world’s richest men, including kings, princes, and sheikhs.”

“In addition to breeding birds that are among the most prized in the world, the Rondeaus grow some of the finest weed in Washington State.”

“After a year of growing weed in their Airstream in Corvallis, the couple moved up to Washington and started a medical dispensary located between Sequim and Port Angeles. Even then, 90 percent of the products they sold in the dispensary they grew themselves.”

“As a medical marijuana provider, Bethany felt like she was really helping people deal with their pain, and a large number of their customers were living with cancer. A sufferer of migraines herself, Bethany found that cannabis was more effective and less debilitating than prescription painkillers.”

“Falcanna flower, which is all pesticide-free, typically costs $12 to $14 a gram, or around $300 an ounce—but you get what you pay for. Every detail of the product, from the biodegradable packaging to the hand-trimmed buds and hand-rolled joints, is deliberate. “We only sell products we would use ourselves,” Bethany tells me more than once.”