Falcanna Breeds Falcons & Cannabis With The Best Of Them

“Bethany is a master falconer. Along with her husband Justin, they raise, breed, sell, race and hunt with hawks and falcons on the Olympic Peninsula. Together they’re a cannabis- powered, falcon- flying power couple and the youngest falcon breeders in the world.”

“The Rondeau’s owns and operate Falcanna, an I-502 cannabis farm on the Olympic Peninsula. She runs it with her husband and brother. Crippling cluster migraines led Bethany to rely on cannabis as treatment and the couple began cultivating marijuana in 2009 to help others with similar problems. Falcanna transitioned from a small medical operation to a large-scale producer in the recreational market after June 2016, when the recreational market absorbed the medical system.”

“Through eight years of medical experience, Falcanna has experimented with and grown hundreds of cannabis phenotypes to create their final starting lineup: Orange Blossom, Timber Kush, Dutch Haze, Kush Morale, Diesel Thai, Alien Girl Scout Cookies, Pacific Blue, and Tahoe OG Kush. Genetic potential, environmental factors, and a meticulous curing process, they learned, led to their potent and beautiful cannabis plants.”

“Falcanna fans are encouraged to find a strain that fits their personal style and desired experience with stickers. Grams and eighths of each strain come with a unique sticker and customers can collect them when they try new strains. The dispensary is easy to spot at vendor events because of their mascot, Sky. Just under two-feet tall with a wingspan of about four-and-a-half feet, the saker falcon is one of the calmest birds they own. Visitors can easily hold him and bud tenders and sales teams love interacting with him.”