Bethany Rondeau Synopsis

“Bethany has already been in the cannabis business for longer than most. She and her husband got their start in Washington’s medical industry more than 10 years ago when they opened the Olympic Sinsemilla dispensary. When the state folded the medical program into the recreational market in 2016, she and Justin sold product until the last legal day and then went “full throttle” into the recreational market.”

“It’s partially her other business of selling raptors that allows Bethany to hold to a price point. She got her first bird, Nikoma, a red-tailed hawk, at age 14 after reading “My Side of the Mountain,” a young adult novel involving falconry. Bethany also met her husband through falconry when she was 18 — Justin was the apprentice of a falconer she was studying with and they bonded over a love of both the birds and the book.”

“The overlap between the two businesses, she says, is the focus on genetics and breeding. In both businesses, you select for the traits you want and breed out those you don’t. And when Falcanna finds a strain the Rondeaus like, they stick with it, instead of cycling through trends. Bethany says it has created a recognizable brand with recognizable strains.”

“You can always say no,” she says about being asked to lower a price. “I’m holding on a price where our margins are going to make it so we can be here long term.”