Timber Kush New Strains Coming

Falcanna Adds New Strains To Offering… More To Come

When it comes to producing a high-caliber, good tasting, smooth smoking, terpene-loaded buds, no single aspect is more important to the process than beginning with hand selected quality genetics. Once the cultivar has been selected dialing in environmental factors like nutrients, lighting, and temperature control are essential to encourage healthy growth and robust plants. Perfection of environment is key for helping a plant reach it’s genetic potential.  It is the trifecta of genetic potential, environmental control, and careful curing that determines the flower’s taste, smell, appearance, and potency.

One factor that Falcanna apart from other cannabis production operations is our never-ending pursuit of the highest quality cannabis genetics in the world. Hundreds of strains and thousands of individual plants have been lovingly grown and selected over the course of 8 years for the medical market, resulting in Falcannas starting lineup.

With a true passion for the plant, Falcanna’s owners, who are also Falcanna’s Master Growers, continue the work with every grow cycle. Regular Falcanna clients have come to expect nothing but the best smelling and tasting, smoothest smoking cannabis available in the retail marketplace. This is directly attributed to starting with the best genetics possible, and hand selecting individual ‘all-star’ plants from house bred lines, plants grown with care and buds cured with care.

Falcanna clients are familiar with our flagship genetic strains – Pacific Blue and Dutch Haze , Diesel Thai, and Orange Blossom.  Each of our all-stars is unique in appearance, flavor, and high. As Falcanna continues to grow more of our selected varieties will be released from our genetic vault and brought into regular production. Our recent additions to the available line up include a very special old Jack Herer cut, a Girlscout Cookie hybrid, and Cinex.

At Falcanna we will always carefully select and cross proven genetics. We believe that the best way to pay homage to those who have come before us, is to continue selective breeding. We must never forget that we have so many wonderful varieties today because of the famers and smokers from all over the world, generations past and present, each carefully tending his or her plants and selective breeding for their own personal medical needs or smoking preference.  With dozens of clone only varieties and thousands of seeds from years of selective breeding and trading in our genetic vault we look forward to releasing new varieties to our clients for years to come.